Surgical Hair Restoration: Follicular Unit Transplant

As an experienced Oakland California Hair Restoration Doctor, Sheldon Kabaker has offered Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) surgery for nearly 15 years. This popular surgical procedure allows balding men to re-grow their own hair when Doctor Kabaker transfers healthy follicle units from the back to the top of the scalp. With male pattern baldness, hair on the back and sides of the scalp tend to resist balding the longest. This makes it the logical choice for transplant.

How Does FUT Surgical Hair Restoration Work?

Each follicle that grows from the scalp contains between one and four individual hairs. During FUT, Doctor Kabaker removes a strip of skin from the scalp that is approximately 10 centimeters in length and one centimeter in width. This typically yields at least 2,200 individual hairs for transplant, which equates to approximately 1,000 hair follicles. Sheldon Kabaker, M.D. provides you with anesthesia prior to removing the donor strip.

The next step is for your Dr. Kabaker to remove each follicle from the donor strip to prepare it for transplant. Since this is a time-consuming and labor-intensive step, he receives assistance from his team of registered nurses and operating room technicians to prevent fatigue and errors. After isolating a single hair graft, Doctor Kabaker transfers it to a tiny slit on a bald area of your scalp. He can transfer up to 3,400 grafts in one session, which means that you may need to return to his office one or two more times to complete the procedure.

The benefit of transferring hair from the back of your scalp is that it is not genetically programmed for baldness. You will notice new growth within a few weeks of the procedure. This falls out quickly, but the follicles are now programmed to produce your own natural hair within six months of FUT. The transplanted hair is the same color, wave pattern, and texture as the rest of your hair.

Hair Restoration Procedures for Women

While most men who request FUT have areas of complete baldness on their scalp, this same pattern is rare for women. Instead, they tend to struggle with thinning hair, especially on the top and sides of the head. Women typically lose hair due to illness, stress, or after a facelift procedure. Hair loss due to years of pulling the hair back to style it is also common.

When wigs or hairpieces for thinning hair fail to give female patients the look they desire, Oakland California Hair Restoration Doctor Sheldon Kabaker may be able to complete a micro-graft or mini-graft. He needs to evaluate several factors to determine if you are a good candidate for one of these procedures, including the laxity of your scalp. Micro-grafts are most appropriate along the hairline to give it a more natural appearance. Mini-grafts involve the transfer of hair follicles that contain between five and 12 individual hairs. This is a good choice for women with larger areas of thinning hair.

Trust Your Hair Restoration to an Experienced Professional

Doctor Kabaker is a committed and caring professional with over four decades of experience helping men and women reach their hair restoration goals. As the only Hair Restoration Doctor in the Oakland and San Francisco Bay area to achieve Fellow status with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Sheldon Kabaker, M.D. takes the time to meet with all new clients personally. This is to ensure that he can confidently recommend the best surgical procedure for their needs.

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