About Sheldon S. Kabaker, M.D.

Dr. Sheldon S. Kabaker
Sheldon Kabaker, M.D.

Oakland California Hair Restoration Doctor Sheldon Kabaker has been practicing medicine for almost 50 years. He has served on staff at many different hospitals including Letterman General Hospital in San Francisco and the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. Completing at least six weeks of continual education every year, Dr. Kabaker prides himself at being on the cutting edge of medical science in the field of hair restoration and transplant.

Sheldon Kabaker, M.D. has met the rigorous qualifications necessary to become a Fellow with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is the only Oakland California Hair Restoration Doctor to have earned this distinction. Additionally, he is a prolific writer and educator in the field of hair restoration and dedicates time to educate and train other physicians in the field of Surgical Hair Restoration.

Since 1976, Dr. Kabaker has taught courses on hair replacement surgery to students and other professionals. Because of his commitment to continuing education, he has offered the Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG) surgery for the past 15 years.

Decades of Hair Restoration Experience

The number of Hair Restoration Doctors who have the same level of experience and expertise in the field of Hair Restoration Surgery number in the single digits worldwide. As a medical doctor with decades of service, Dr. Kabaker has performed plug grafts, flaps, scalp reductions, scalp expansions, scalp extensions, mini grafts, and micro grafts. He was one of the first Oakland California Hair Restoration Doctors to offer Follicular Unit Grafter (FUG), a surgical procedure in which he transfers your own hair follicles from a balding-resistant area of your scalp to areas where your hair is completely absent.

Dr. Kabaker is especially known for his hairline lowering procedure. The ability to offer this option to patients came from his experiences with flap and scalp reduction. Combined with his work as a plastic surgeon, Sheldon Kabaker, M.D. is able to make a professional judgment as to which procedure is right for you. People struggling with hair loss travel from all over the country and even internationally to have Dr. Kabaker perform their hair restoration procedure. This includes more than 100 doctors, dentists, and plastic surgeons from the local Oakland and San Francisco Bay area.

Hairline Lowering

Although a high forehead and hairline is typically a trait associated with masculinity, approximately 20 percent of women inherit a genetic predisposition to it as well. Hair stylists are aware of this and do their best to disguise it with their clients. However, some women choose to permanently alter their hairline instead. Dr. Kabaker has performed hundreds of hairline lowering procedures and he can do the same for you. Since great variation exists in regards to facial anatomy and desired appearance after surgery, Sheldon Kabaker, M.D. devotes a lot of time to consultation and planning with patients undergoing this procedure.

A Talented Staff

Dr. Kabaker’s staff includes registered nurses and operating room technicians who assist him with all surgical procedures. During labor-intensive surgeries such as FUG, the staff rotates frequently to avoid fatigue that could affect the quality of the transplanted hair follicles. Each staff member has worked with Dr. Kabaker between 12 and 27 years and is equally dedicated to high quality results and patient satisfaction. The entire team at Dr. Kabaker’s office is proud to have earned a 4.9 out of 5-star rating from numerous patient reviews. We invite you to find out for yourself why people from around the world are so happy with our work.

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