Sheldon Kabaker, M.D. – Oakland Hair Restoration Doctor

Oakland California Hair Restoration Doctor, Sheldon Kabaker, M.D., was recently recognized by Oakland Magazine as the best resource for hair restoration in the San Francisco Bay and Oakland California area. As an experienced and dedicated medical practitioner since 1973, Dr. Kabaker provides his patients with natural and lifelong results with every procedure.

Sheldon Kabaker, M.D. is also double board certified in facial plastic surgery as well as an otolaryngologist and head and neck specialist.

Dr. Sheldon S. Kabaker is a renowned plastic surgeon and medical aesthetics expert in the California Bay Area. He is a dedicated practitioner and a master of Hair Restoration and Transplant procedures, helping his patients achieve natural and lasting results free from visible scarring and the “doll hair” effect.

Currently Dr. Kabaker holds the position of Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, Department of Otolaryngology where he has served in one capacity or another since 1974.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) named Dr. Kabaker an Inaugural Fellow in its organization; he is currently the only Oakland California Hair Restoration Doctor to have earned this distinction.

This fellowship was granted based on several criteria including:

  • Leadership positions in the local medical community
  • Certification with the American Board of Hair Restoration
  • Authorship of several scientific papers on the topic
  • Teaching hair restoration procedures to other doctors

Hair Restoration Services Offered by Dr. Kabaker

Follicular Unit Grafting Hair Transplant Method
During a Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG) transplant procedure, Dr. Kabaker removes a strip of skin containing natural hair follicles from the back of your head to prepare them for transfer to your balding areas. In most cases of male pattern baldness, hair falls out on the top of the scalp but is more resistant to balding on the sides and back allowing for ample donor follicles to be taken even from patients experiencing advanced hair loss.

After cutting away the skin between the hair follicles, he transfers them to tiny slits on the top of your scalp. He can transfer up to 3,400 hair follicles in a single session, and it can take up to three sessions to transplant all available hair follicles. Typically it takes several months for optimal results to be fully realized.

Hairline Lowering for Women
Approximately one in five women inherit a high hairline from one or both parents. Because this trait is more commonly associated with masculinity, women tend to disguise it with wigs, hairpieces, or wearing bangs. For those who want to permanently alter their hairline, Dr. Kabaker can perform a surgical lowering procedure. He has performed this surgery for nearly 40 years and is one of the only Hair Restoration Doctors to have published medical literature about it. The procedure lowers the female hairline by approximately one inch. Women who desire hairline lowering need to have an appropriate amount of scalp laxity as determined by Dr. Kabaker.

Additional Hair Restoration Procedures
FUG is the most common hair restoration procedure for men and hairline lowering is most often requested by women. Other procedures that Sheldon Kabaker, M.D. offers include:

Scalp Expansion

Dr. Kabaker implants tissue expanders under the hair on the back and sides of the scalp. He then inflates them over a period of one to three months. This procedure is ideal to correct traumatic hair loss, such as that caused by burns, tumors, or injury.

Scalp Reduction Surgery

This procedure reduces the balding area by removing portions of the bald scalp and stretching the part of the scalp that still has hair to a higher position. This does not produce the same cosmetic results as FUE, but is helpful to disguise balding and provide more styling options.

Micro and Mini-Grafting for Women

For women with thinning hair, Dr. Kabaker may be able to perform a graft procedure that increases density. He will let you know if you are a good candidate at your initial consultation.

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